Massacre at CI Games after first reviews of Lords of the Fallen
Przemyslaw Bojnic

Investors reacted nervously to the first reviews of Lords of the Fallen on Meracritic. CI gaming prices went from multi-percentage increases to double-digit decreases in just minutes. At three o’clock in the afternoon, stock trading stopped with prices balancing.

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On October 13, Lords of the Fallen will go on sale worldwide, simultaneously on all major generational platforms – PC, PlayStation5 consoles and Xbox Series S. Gaming media has already managed to test the game and the first reviews of Polish production have appeared.

On Metacritic, the PC version currently holds an average rating of 76/100 from 6 reviews. The PlayStation 5 version fared worse in this regard, with an average rating of 65. Journalists praise the visuals, interesting world, and choice of character classes. The combat system, the boring and uninteresting plot, and the major technical problems in production, just got worse.


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The first observations caused panic selling in stocks. At around 1pm, the company’s shares rose more than 11 percent to PLN 5.58. Around 3:00 PM the size of the increase was smaller and reached several percent. However, after the first reviews, ratings began to decline rapidly. At around 3:20 p.m., the stock price was already down 16 percent. Reduced to PLN 4.21. At this level, trading in the stock was interrupted and the price balanced out for the second time.

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More Lords of the Fallen reviews to come. A few minutes before 16:00 the PlayStation 5 version’s scores jumped to 71 (15 ratings). The PC version has 76 ratings out of 24 ratings. The stock price cut losses, and less than an hour after the first reviews appeared, it was down just 7%. (Polish zloty 4.66).

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