President Duda: Ukrainian citizens make up 5 percent.  Polish society

In France, I suppose, the issue of the war that is currently going on in Ukraine, just across our borders, is quite abstract—it is too far away. But in Poland we currently have 1.6 million officially registered refugees from Ukraine – people who fled the war – Polish President Andrzej Duda said Friday evening in an interview with French LCI television. – Today Ukrainian citizens make up 5% of the population. Added to the Polish community. The president appealed to France and all allies to “provide the greatest possible assistance to Ukraine.” “It is very important for Ukraine to defend itself against Russian aggression,” he stressed.

The President after returning from Kiev: Ukraine needs military support

Our presence in Ukraine, our presence and the ministers, at the Crimean platform forum and on the Day of the Ukrainian Flag, was very important – said President Andrei …

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The President noted that Poland, on the one hand, resolutely protects its security and supports Ukraine, which was “unjustly and criminally attacked,” and on the other hand, Reacts to incidents “in a very measured and precise manner.”

In this context, Duda referred to the calm reaction to the explosion that took place in Przyodowo, Lublin Region, on the border with Ukraine, including examining all the circumstances of the event, so as not to provoke conflict unnecessarily.

The new Russian imperialism

It is very important for Ukraine to defend itself against Russian aggression. Unfortunately, this is the return of Russian imperialism to the political scene – we now call it neo-imperialism. Russia wants to restore its former sphere of influence, and wants to dominate other countries – said the Polish president.

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That is why, in his opinion, it is so important for Poland to strengthen its military potential. – We are doing this at the moment, we are buying weapons from different directions, and we are trying to make it so The best modern weapons and to be in the possession of our army as soon as possible – added.

Crimes must be punished

The international community must be firm with Russia Duda evaluated, emphasizing that there is no permission to change borders that date back to World War II.

– This is why what Russia is doing at the moment is very dangerous, as it violates international law, attacks Ukraine in 2014, repeats its attack in 2022, tries to occupy Ukrainian land, kills people, demolishes homes, and kidnaps children. These are crimes for which the guilty must be punished.

The Polish head of state confirmed the transfer of 4 MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine; There are about a dozen machines in total. The President also stated that Poland is ready to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16s. “I hope that Ukraine, if it attacks any targets, will do so only in self-defense, neutralizing military targets through which the attack is being made or transferring military equipment against Ukraine,” the president noted.

President Duda: Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a blow to the world economy

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is a new colonial war. An empire that invaded a neighboring country to plunder its land and hidden treasures and harvest…

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Suwałki isthmus

Poland is keeping a close eye on a short border section between Poland and Lithuania, close to the border with Belarus and Russia’s Kaliningrad region, which could be the target of Russian provocation. – said Duda, although at the same time he does not believe in a large-scale Russian offensive against NATO.

– Our goal as the European Union and NATO is to do everything we can to prevent Russia from aggression; To start respecting the rules of international law, which have been systematically violated since 2014, the president said.

He stated that he would very much like to have “Russia, which is a normal, peaceful and honest democratic country, wants to live in peace with its neighbors, wants to develop economically, wants to jointly build its prosperity and the prosperity of its society,” but Today it is an aggressive and imperialist Russia.

President: For the security of the world, Ukraine must win

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Ensure stability and security

Euro-Atlantic relations and the strong presence of the United States – on the political and military levels – are a guarantee of stability and security. And we want to belong to the world of these guarantees today. So I say yes, more Euro-Atlantic relations. Yes, there you are, this presence of the United States, which in turn also translates into economic relations, is positive for us, Duda said.

In the summer, President Andrzej Duda will attend the meeting of the Weimar Triangle in Paris.

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