Victory Day.  An important decision from Russia.  There will be no celebrations in the occupied territories

The Russian authorities decided not to celebrate Victory Day in the occupied territories of Ukraine next May. According to media reports, the reason is fear of possible provocations. Celebrations in some parts of Russia are also likely to be cancelled. There is no indication that the main celebrations in Moscow's Red Square have been cancelled.

According to Ukrainian media reports The Russians decided not to organize May 9 celebrations in the occupied territories. It falls on this day Victory DayIt is the most important official holiday in the country. Anniversary of the end of World War II.

The decision in this regard was scheduled to be made on… Fear of possible provocations.

Victory Day. There will be no show in Crimea

But it's not just there Celebrations have been cancelled. According to the LB website. Celebrations will also not be held in five regions of Russia. “So as not to provoke the enemy by accumulating equipment and military personnel in cities.”

Previously Russian actor Ali Crimea Sergei Aksenov said that Victory Day celebrations were not planned on the peninsula.

However, the occupiers They will not completely abandon commemoration of the end of World War II. On April 19, Aksyonov confirmed that the memory of the dead would be honored and celebrations would be organized “in various forms.” I declare – in short, that Crimea will celebrate Victory Day with dignity.

Victory Day. The main celebrations in Moscow

In 2023 Russia canceled several rallies On the occasion of Victory Day. According to experts, the country had serious problems regarding weapons, and the Union had nothing to offer on the marches, since most of the equipment was needed at the front. Then the Analytical Center of the Atlantic Council reported this The show was canceled so as not to show the extent of the losses incurred by the Russian army. Authorities cited a “security issue” as the official reason.

Despite the problems, the main celebrations in Red Square last year went ahead as planned. Participated in it, among others: Russian President Vladimir Putin, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Belarusian dictator Aliaksandr Lukashenko. During the speech, the Russian dictator, among others, accused the West of sowing hatred and spreading fear of Russia.

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