Bloomberg: The war in Ukraine is accelerating the demographic catastrophe in Russia

Bloomberg writes that the war is accelerating Russia’s demographic catastrophe.

The agency said that President Vladimir Putin spent years racing against the Russian demographic clock only to order the invasion of Ukraine, which is driving his country’s population into a historic decline.

The agency confirms that men packing It turns families upside down, at perhaps the most tense demographic moment. Bloomberg reports that the number of women of childbearing age in Russia has fallen by about a third over the past 10 years.

This phenomenon coincides with one of the highest death rates in the world, as well as a contraction of the labor market due to immigration from the country. There are questions about Russia’s ability to attract foreign workers.

Russia’s population is declining and the war will shrink it further. reasons? Migration, low fertility and war victims. This will erode potential growth and undermine fiscal policy, because The government is trying to reverse the decline in the workforce through pro-natalist policies Alexander Isakov is a Bloomberg economist for Russia.

The agency stresses that the Russian economy is threatened with recession or even worse consequences of a war – one that will continue long after the invasion is over.

300 thousand packed

The demographic crisis in Russia began in the 1990s with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the resulting economic difficulties. But the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine make worst-case scenarios more likely — in terms of Russia’s demographic problems — and may materialize much sooner than expected, Bloomberg asserts.

Moscow assures that no more than 300,000 people will be mobilized. People. This information was provided by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. – This number was included in the decree of Vladimir Putin – Quoted “Kommersant”.

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