Premiere of the film “Peasants” and performance with Przybora songs.  A new week in culture

The long-awaited premiere of “The Peasants” is a film created using the drawing-animation technique. The new part of the movie “Paw Patrol” in cinemas. A show with songs by Jeremy Przybora, one of the founders of the legendary cabaret band Starsketch Pano. Here are the most interesting cultural premieres next week.

On Friday, October 13th The film “Chłopi” will be released in cinemas. First, a representative copy was created, then several hundred painters painted it frame by frame for 5 years. “Chłopi” – just like the previous film of Dorota Kobiela-Welchman and Hugh Welchman – “Loving Vincent” – It was made using animation technique. This time it was the main inspiration Painting of the Young Poland period – works by Chełmoński, Malczewski and Ruszczyc.

Director Dorota Kobiela Welshman said this on RMF FM Radio Raymond’s piece delights her with its figurative language. At the same time, it is also a romantic story full of dramatic twists.

The film “Chłopi” will represent Poland in the struggle for Academy Award nomination in the category “Best International Feature Film”. We are very proud to represent Poland with this film – DK Welshman confirmed. We think this film is very important and certainly the biggest strategy now is to show it to as many Academy members as possible. This is key to any Oscar campaign – added the director.

The film has already been sold to most countries in the world. The world premiere of “The Peasants” took place at the beginning of September in the Special Screenings section of the Toronto Film Festival. In September, the Polish premiere took place during the 48th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. The film won two awards there – audience and special.

Miroslav Baca plays Maciej Boryna in “Chłopy”, a Robert Golaczyk and his son Antic. Beautiful and artistically talented Kamila Urzędowska played Jagna. Ewa Kasprzyk is her film mother – Domenikwa, and Dorota Stalinska – Jagostynka. The cast also includes, among others: Sonja Bohocewicz, Malgorzata Kochoczowska, Andrzej Konopka, Maciej Musial, and Julia Vinyawa.

A meteorite fell in Adventure City -As it turns out, it’s a meteorite full of magic. His magic gives the PAW Patrol pups superpowers – now they’ll be space dogs.

As we read on the distributor’s UIP website, “It’s a dream come true, especially for little Skye. But when the team’s big antagonist, Humdinger, breaks out of prison and joins forces with the evil Victoria Vance, things get complicated. Will the pups be able to stop the bad guys, save the city and keep Your amazing powers? Delores is voiced in the original version by Kim Kardashian, and in the Polish version by Sylwia Przebyz.

Leszek Leshota on his role in “The Quack”: I have never experienced anything more fun in acting

Master of poetic creativity and mastery of words. His works always delight, entertain, and provoke thought, delighting with the beauty of words at their best. The hero of the next premiere at Opera Nova will be Jérémy Przybora. This will be the first show of the season at the Bydgoszcz Theater.

Its release date is October 14th 65th anniversary of the first television broadcast of Kabarit Starsketch Banu. Director Justina Zaar prepared an intimate performance of “Spiritus movens” for the occasion. The composer of the song’s arrangements is Marcin Nagnajewicz.

As the show’s creators say, “It’s to be expected A little bit of sarcasm, and even some bitchiness and black humour In the characters’ dialogues. The show will delight adult audiences, but may still be incomprehensible to child viewers.

Paweł Maślona at RMF FM about “Kos”: it is anti-“Flood”

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