How much will the driver pay for no tolls on A2 and A4?  There are more than a thousand penalties of e-TOLL

About tolls and other aspects of getting around in Polish Highways We also say on the site

Rulers wanted to be intuitive. This, unfortunately, never means anything good … because although the assumptions of the e-TOLL system are undoubtedly good, the performance is slightly worse. Logging into the system and custom app is tedious and multi-stage, and getting it to work on the road isn’t ideal. Sometimes the system does not automatically charge the toll, and sometimes the driver forgets that his prepaid account does not have enough funds to pay for the trip. And all of this brings us to one point – that point is punishment.

An alternative to the application is for example a motorway ticket. However, you must purchase this at the gas station before entering the toll road. There are.. queues at the stations!

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The 73-year-old was driving his car upstream on the highway

The penalty for not paying the e-TOLL fee is a minimum of PLN 500

The penalty for driving the A2 section between Konin and Stryków and the A4 between Wrocław and Sośnica without paying the electronic fee is significant. In case passenger cars Up to PLN 500 and for trucks or buses up to PLN 1,500. And although drivers may think that it is not possible to catch all evaders, this is a big mistake. Because this is a possibility. Especially since the National Tax Administration has devised a rather tight control system.

e-TOLL: Drivers guarded by police cars and… cameras!

A fee is set for A2 and A4 sections operated by GDDKiA Registration number cars. Therefore, verification of payment of fees “remotely” is carried out in two ways. First, because of the bridges equipped with cameras. They are placed at each entrance and exit of the toll section – in short, there is no possibility of vehicle skidding. Secondly, checks are also dynamic. KAS vehicles equipped with cameras are shown in the above sections A2 and A4. They check vehicles while driving, and sometimes stop drivers – perhaps this applies mainly to foreigners.

Minister Adamczyk: All motorways in Poland will be toll-free. Because we can’t afford the free cost

Didn’t you pay the fare? e-TOLL will generate a penalty

The recording number read by the camera is then checked against the database. On this basis, the payment is verified. When the car appeared on A2 or A4, but the payment was not recorded in the KAS database, a letter with information about the fine is automatically generated. This correspondence is sent directly to the vehicle owner. And ready! Most importantly, sometimes the KAS system waits to print information about the penalty. Regulations, for example, in the event of a shortage of funds in the prepaid account or the failure of the application, allow the driver to settle the payment even after 3 days of coverage of the paid section.

After receiving the letter to report the penalty, the driver will likely be given 7 days to pay the fine to the specified bank account. If he does not, the first tax office in Opole will enter into the procedure. Set to carry out e-TOLL penalties.

A fine of 500 zlotys is a real sighting. More than 1,000 people have already been punished!

Finally, another question remains. Is the e-TOLL penalty system effective? And how! As the site knows Autocollect Citing data provided by GDDKiA, as of December 1, 2021, 1,143 violations were detected related to non-payment of flight A2 or A4. The fines imposed in this way amounted to 570 thousand PLN. zloty. First of all, it was a question of not paying tolls. Only in 43 cases was the procedure based on … a headscarf license plates.

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