Ari Aster speaks bitterly about the audience’s reception of “Because He’s Afraid.”
Ari Aster broke the silence and indicated in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine that the audience received his latest film “because he is afraid.” The director did not hide his bitter words towards the viewers.

Ari Aster on “Because He’s Afraid”: I’m disappointed

In an interview, Ari Aster admitted that he knew it was a movie from the beginning “Because he’s afraid” It will divide the viewers and this was his idea. He dreamed of a situation where, upon hearing completely different opinions, viewers would get excited and want to check for themselves which camp they belong to. So he was very disappointed with the reaction of moviegoers who decided to ignore it after hearing different opinions. In fact, polarization, intended to encourage debate, has been shown to discourage potential viewers from going to the movies.

Ari Aster is also disappointed with the reception itself “Because he’s afraid” By viewers: The film ends with a scene of the theater slowly emptying with a very indifferent audience. I wasn’t prepared for how prophetic this ending would be.

Aster was disappointed by the superficiality of the public’s reaction. When they see scenes that don’t quite work, they end up noticing it, while Aster wanted them to investigate his motives and question why this or that didn’t work.

For example, he gives the scene in the attic, which caused many negative reactions. However, Aster claims that this is not a mistake or incompetence, but that he deliberately tried to blow up the entire film, hoping that viewers would notice a whole other layer of narrative. However, this did not happen. As he admitted in an interview with “Vanity Fair” There are still a lot of things buried in the movie that no one has discovered (Or at least he doesn’t know it).

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Synopsis of the movie “Because He’s Afraid”

A24 is spent on production “Because he’s afraid” $35 million. Unfortunately, the film made little more than that in theaters 10 million dollars.

The hero of the movie is Poe. Boo is afraid. Because life overwhelms him. Because the world is dangerous. Because everyone always wants something from him. Because my mother will be sad if you don’t come to visit her, preferably sitting in the bathtub. However, a series of unimaginable events force him to confront his fears. On the other side of his fears, a real life and an extraordinary, amazing and adventurous journey awaits him.

Despite the film’s disappointing reception from viewers, A24 continues its collaboration with Ari Aster. The manager has plans westernWhich will star Joaquin Phoenix.

“Because I’m Afraid” movie trailer

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