The Chronicles of Narnia - Netflix finally gets started with movies.  Unusual choice of director

Attention! This content is deceptive, so it may be true, but it may not be true.

The authoritative portal What On Netflix unofficially reports that Netflix is ​​finally starting to do something about it after four years The Chronicles of Narnia. Until now, we only knew that Matthew Aldrich would be the creative architect of the series, who would oversee the creation of the universe. He is known as a co-writer of the cartoon what what. From then until November 14, 2022, there was complete silence about the project, but according to the portal, the director was just chosen.

The Chronicles of Narnia – Who is behind the camera?

According to the journalist Greta Gerwig He will direct the first two films in the series The Chronicles of Narnia. This is a surprising choice, since the director is known for her blockbuster art cinema, rather than her blockbusters in the fantasy genre. He has titles like Lady BirdAnd the little Women if Francis Ha.

However, at the moment it is not known what the first two movies of the series will be, as it is not known if it will be just an adaptation of the first two books or something loosely inspired by the work of CS Lewis. At the moment, this is a rumor that no one has confirmed or denied.

The latest Greta Gerwig movie Barbie It will appear on the screens in 2023.

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