Poles on Battle.net will soon be able to pay in Polish złoty
January 23, 2024 at 1:44 pm

Blizzard will offer prices in PLN for the entire Battle.net store, allowing Polish players to pay in their local currency.

Image source: Hearthstone/Blizzard Entertainment/Microsoft.


It seems that Polish players will soon pay in their local currency via Battle.net. Platform users began receiving emails containing information about the planned change from the euro to the zloty – “no later than 30 days from the date of this notification.” In other words, prices should appear in Polish złoty after February 22.

Information about the planned introduction of PLN to the Battle.net store.Source: Exclusive / Blizzard Entertainment.

Previously, the only way to see bucks on Battle.net was via the mobile app. In cross platform client on PC and above website All prices are given in Euros.

Polish prices on Battle.net will be calculated based on the exchange rate provided before London Stock Exchange Group. If you have funds in Euros, the balance will be converted to the equivalent amount in Polish Zloty.

In theory, changing the currency to PLN should translate into savings for local players, who will no longer have to pay more for converting to euros. There is also the possibility that a “favorable adjustment” of prices will translate into more attractive offers.

Let's just hope Blizzard Entertainment doesn't follow Valve's example. For some reason, the Polish Zloty is still not very profitable on Steam, because we often pay more for games in our local currency than in dollars, British pounds or even euros.

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