There is a decision on the TV license for 2025. Here are the prices

National Radio Council (KRRiT) It has decided to keep subscription prices for 2025 unchanged. The fee for using a radio receiver is PLN 8.70 per month, and for a TV or TV and radio receiver – PLN 27.30 per month. These rates have been in effect since the beginning of 2023 when the last increase occurred.

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As the Wirtualne Media portal reports, approximately 3.7 million people in Poland are exempt from the obligation to pay RTV license fees. This includes people over the age of 75, citizens who suffer from a significant degree of disability, are completely unable to work or have Group 1 disability. In addition, the exemption includes war and military invalids, people who were subjected to repression during the Polish People’s Republic, as well as those receiving a pension not exceeding half of the average salary.

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