On the Internet, there have been calls to boycott stars who remain silent on the Gaza war

On social networks, calls to block the accounts of influential celebrities are intensifying, aiming to give permission to stars who remain silent on the war in Gaza.

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Targets of this pro-Palestinian mobilization include American singers Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, and reality TV star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian. And the wave of denial has been gathering momentum since the recent hosting of the Met Gala, an annual high-profile fashion event in New York attended by showbiz’s elite.

On TikTok, the hashtag “blockout2024” had more than 30,000 shares on Monday. Videos listing the names of gala guests and other people who should be “banned” received thousands of “likes”.

“When they bombed Rafah, where there are thousands of children, we heard more about Zendaya’s outfit than what was happening in this town in the Gaza Strip,” scolded netizen Shomba. “By blocking them, you hit them in the wallet.”

According to the specialized site Socialplate, Kim Kardashian lost 814,000 followers on Instagram in one month, Selena Gomez lost more than a million, Dwayne Johnson, known as “The Rock”, more than 397,000 and Beyonce about 700,000.

“They know they should have talked about it a long time ago, but now that we’ve started this movement, they’re starting to break the silence. It’s working, keep blocking!”, Muna, an influencer on TikTok, rejoices.

“too soft”

Singer Lizo released a video in which a doctor in Gaza calls on his community to raise funds to get his family to safety in Sudan or Congo.

Under her publication, a “thank you” from one of her subscribers, then a shower of negative comments: “I’m going to keep blocking her”, “It’s stupid (…) she does it because she’s turned on. List, etc.

Since Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israel on October 7 sparked conflict in Gaza, pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel activists have been urging celebrities to take a stand on social media.

For David Jackson, a political science researcher specializing in youth mobilization, these calls reflect the traditional involvement of stars in the political sphere in the United States, and social networks give Internet users a sense of getting to know their idols personally.

“Not taking a stand on an important issue or taking an unpopular stand can lead to a star’s public disapproval,” the expert told AFP.

However, Natasha Lindstad, a professor at the University of Essex who studies celebrity activism, underscores that “this conflict is too delicate for a celebrity to manage.” “And even statements that seem universally acceptable can upset people,” he continues.

UTA thanked American actress Susan Sarandon for speaking at a pro-Palestinian rally in November. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently criticized himself for his closeness to Israel.

Marie Antoinette

This latest boycott movement started with a video, since deleted, in which content creator Hayley Kalil filmed herself in the background of Sofia Coppola’s film Marie-Antoinette. Queen of France “Let them eat cake!” We see that. (“Let them eat cake!”).

As the Palestinian population of the devastated Gaza Strip is threatened with famine, this popular phrase, which refers to the condescension of the powerful towards the poor, has ignited social networks.

“It’s time to stop all the celebrities, influencers and rich people,” says the influential Rae, known as “The Girl From Outside,” calling for a “digital guillotine.” Against these personalities.

Internet users’ outrage fueled last week’s Met Gala, where a place setting cost $75,000 and a full table $350,000, according to the New York Times.

Among the networks, comparisons between the New York event and the dystopian film “Hunger Games” have grown. It depicts an elite who partake in lavish feasts and organize cruel games while a portion of the population starves to death.

Still, it’s hard to gauge the financial impact of the movement on celebrities, “unless they’re completely ignored,” Ms. Lindstedt says. “But in the case of Taylor Swift or Beyoncé, that’s unlikely to happen.”

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