David Cronenberg talks about death.  The mysterious teaser for the movie “The Shrouds”
The world premiere of David Cronenberg’s “The Shrouds” at the Cannes Film Festival is fast approaching. The first teaser has just been released online.

“cemetery cinema”

hero “The shrouds” He’s a Karsh. He is a famous businessman. After grieving the death of his wife, he created the revolutionary and highly controversial GraveTech. It allows the living to observe their deceased loved ones wrapped in ultra-modern shrouds. One night, several graves were desecrated, including the grave of Karsh’s wife. Karsh decides to track down the culprits.

Most funeral rituals arose from the need to avoid death and what happens to the body. In our video we reverse the natural function of the shroud. In our case, it aims to reveal, not hide. I wrote this film while mourning the death of my wife, who died seven years ago. It was an interesting experience because it was not just an artistic exercise, it was emotional as well
This is what David Cronenberg said about the film to Variety magazine.

In a sense, the shrouds invented by the hero of my film are a cinematic device. They create their own cinema, a posthumous cinema, a cinema of decay – he adds.

The main role in the film “The shrouds” Played by Vincent Cassel. The cast also includes Diane Kruger, Guy Pearce and Sandrine Hoult.

Teaser for the movie “The Shrouds”

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