“Planting with Marthe”: Marthe Lavertier gardens with your favorite stars

says Guy Jodoin in the first images of the new show Planting with Marthe We all need a family doctor, but also a family horticulturist, and in this sense, he clearly chooses Marthe Laverdière!

The incomparable Marthe will actually be at the helm of her own show on TVA starting June 10.


Plant with Marthe, As shown in the trailer released on Wednesday, the real, colorful and energetic horticulturist will be able to offer advice and tips to a crowd of guests and extend it to the general public.

The goal is to beautify your outdoor spaces and enjoy them, whether on your balcony or in an urban or rural environment.

With Mélissa Bédard, Julie Bélanger, Mona de Grenoble, Jean-Philippe Dion, Guy Jodoin, Charles Lafortune, Debbie Lynch-White, Jean-François Mercier, Dave Morissette, Marthe gets her hands in the dirt in good spirits. Sophie Pregent, Nathalie Simard and Rosalie Vaillancourt.

Produced by Encore Television, in association with Quebecor Content, the show Planting with Marthe Airs June 10 on TVA TVA+.

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