Peace summit in Switzerland.  Andrzej Duda: Russia does not act alone

The two-day peace summit on Okina began on Saturday. Over a hundred leaders including US Vice President Kamala Harris Presidents or heads of state from the European Union, South America, the Middle East and Asia have come to Switzerland to make one of the most ambitious attempts yet to develop a peace plan for Ukraine.

Represents Poland President Andrzej Duda. – I want to say clearly: Moscow is solely responsible for the war. He added that this does not mean that Russia is acting alone, referring to Alexander Lukashenko.

– I want to remind everyone that it not only allowed the Russian army to attack Ukraine from the territory of Belarus, but also began a series of mixed attacks on the Baltic states and the eastern borders of Poland – attacks that have been going on for three years – he said. He also evaluated, Russia is currently the largest colonial state in the world. – Andrzej Duda said: “We must say clearly that there is no place for neo-colonialism in the modern world.”

Peace conference in Switzerland “a great success”

The meeting was opened by Swiss President Viola Amherd, who stressed that the goal of the summit is not to reach a final peace agreement for Ukraine, but rather just a first step towards achieving consensus. She pointed out that the conference was devoted primarily to three issues: nuclear safety, food security, and adherence to basic humanitarian principles, which, in her opinion, did not raise any major controversy among the participants.

She stressed that both sides of the conflict must be involved in a final and effective peace process Russia, which was not invited to the June summit.

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The President of Ukraine agreed with her Volodymyr ZelenskyWho believed that only the peace plan that had been thought out and prepared in the international community forum could be presented to the Russians. He stressed that the presence of representatives of about 100 countries and international organizations at the summit is a great success.

Peace summit in Switzerland. Many key players were missing

French President Emmanuel Macron also attended the talks in the Swiss resort of Burgenstock, and did not hide the fact that many countries had clearly disappeared. The politician stressed the need to expand the circle of countries participating in the process of working on a peace plan for Ukraine. -President of Finland, Alexander Stubb, said that peace is always a process.

Let’s remember that Kyiv is strong He urged the Chinese delegation to participate in the summitBecause he wanted to give the conference additional legitimacy and drive a wedge between Moscow and Beijing. US President Joe Biden, who is busy with his election campaign in the country, did not attend the summit.

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The organizers also expressed their hope for this in the talks Saudi Arabia may participateWhich was scheduled to send Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Switzerland.

Dmitry Peskov: The Kremlin has nothing to say

Moscow considered the meeting “useless.” – The Kremlin has nothing to say to the representatives of the countries that met at the summit in Switzerland – said a Russian government spokesman Dimitri Besko. He added that he hopes next time “the conflict will be discussed during a more constructive event.”

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Saturday that Russia’s latest peace proposal regarding Ukraine would lead to more hegemony over the country, and that it was a “completely ridiculous vision.” He also told reporters this China’s absence from the peace summit maybe As a result of Russia’s requests.

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