Ancient armor returns to use. The experience dispelled doubts

The 3,500-year-old shield remains Found in Greece 64 years ago. Until now, scholars have not agreed on its purpose, and no historical sources have described this type of armor.

Some researchers believe that ancient caracinas, consisting of bronze plates and weighing more than 18 kg, served Only as a ceremonial costume and was not effective in battle. Others were inclined to assume that it was a shield It was part of the armament of the Mycenaean soldiers – But it was worn by chariot warriors, not infantry.

The authors of the study described in the electronic scientific journal “PLOS ONE” decided to solve an important question for understanding the art of war in the Late Bronze Age.

Greek soldiers wore ancient armor. It’s all part of the research

Physiologist Andreas Floris from the University of Thessaly found a way to explain the purpose of using the Mycenaean shield. The scientist and his team joined together Data are being developed from historical sources and experimental resultsTo determine the extent to which the shield is affected Warrior mobility And whether they provide effective protection.

The researchers also investigated how wearing Karacina affects the cardiovascular system and fatigue of users. In the experiment they took Participation of Marine volunteers in the Greek Armed Forces.

Flores’ team prepared replicas of Dendra armor and Bronze Age weapons. then 13 Marines received a crash course in ancient combat rules, developed, among other things, based on Homer’s “Iliad”. The soldiers prepare in this way, wearing armor and carrying swords, spears, and daggers. He simulated an eleven-hour battle.

Research on ancient Greek armor. The computer will help

Experience showed this Replicas of Mycenaean armor did not limit the movements and combat capabilities of warriors They did not constitute a serious burden on them. It turns out that Dendra’s armor was useful in battle. There is much evidence that the Mycenaean civilization (its peak period was between 1450 and 1225 BC) It also owes its strength to weapons technology.

To complement the experimental results, scientists from the University of Thessaly have developed a program that does just that Enables simulation of combat conditions. Using the software, you can test the virtual effectiveness of armor and weapons in different scenarios. Further research on Mycenaean weapons using computer technologies has been announced.

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The shield was discovered in 1960 by archaeologists, Prof. Paul Astrom from Sweden and the Greek Dr. Nikos Verdelis. Researchers found a complete caracaena in a Mycenaean cemetery in the village of Dendera, near the citadel of Media and a few kilometers from ancient Mycenae. Their discovery was recognized as Pioneer of archaeology.

This is a discovery Full plate armorThe bronze elements were connected by leather straps. The soldier’s torso was protected by a two-piece armor with shoulder pads and a high collar covering the neck, butt and chin.

The armor from the waist down consisted of a loincloth made of three pairs of wide, curved plates that reached the warrior’s knees. The armor was supplemented by a helmet made of boar tusks with plates protecting the cheeks. Experts believe that the armor also included leg guards and forearm covers, fastened at the ends with linen belts.

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