Euro 2024. In the match between Albania and Italy, the fastest goal in the history of the event was scored

Albanian Nadeem Bajrami has reasons to be happy. The player scored the fastest goal in the history of the European Championship in the 23rd second of the match against Italy.

He fell during the match between Albania and Italy in Dortmund The fastest goal in the history of the European Football Championship.

Its author is Nadim BajramiWho scored in the 23rd second of the match.

Euro 2024. The fastest goal in history has been scored

Until now The record holder in this regard was the Russian Dmitry KirichenkoWho scored one minute and seven seconds after the start of the match against Greece (2-1) in 2004.

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Robert Lewandowski ranks fifth in this ranking. In the UEFA Euro 2016 quarter-final match against Portugal, he needed one minute and 40 seconds to score a goal.

Euro 2024. The first match for the Poles is on Sunday

On Sunday, in Hamburg, the Polish national team will begin participation in the 2024 European Championship. The white and red will face the Netherlands. The first whistle of the match is at 15:00.

In the opening performance of the Poles Robert Lewandowski will not play injured.

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