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This Tuesday, August 10, He started his show with a problem with Maju Mandilla, who said he spent more days in Miami with the magazine’s producer.“, Marco Theos.

“The mounted show is over, we already have over half an hour with jokes. What do people care if I traveled? Finally, I’m the soul of this party. The general producer went with me.“, He thought.

Nonetheless, Mandilla pointed out that the future of Tula Rodriguez on the show should be voted out because the actress has left herself alone.

“La Vos” participant stops his show

Oriana Montero, Participant ”, He performed Beyonc’s “Listen” show, but when he started his presentation he felt a problem in the orchestra and irritated the coaches.

“We have to respect the competition, you have to go out and kill. We’ve on a live show, everyone needs respect.” Durcourt pointed to his act.

Nevertheless, Montero explained his song and the public voted to put him in the race.

Nicola Porcella did not return to Peru

True guy As he comments on his social networks, he no longer plans to live in Peru, so he will stay in Mexico.

A follower asked if he would return to Peru after participating in “Keros 2021” on his Instagram account.

“I’m already staying here”, Sentenced. “The program (it was war) just gave me everything, but my time is up, it’s not the same anymore, everything happens for a reason. I’m glad I spent the moment in Mexico. So I totally refused to go back, but I will always be grateful.”He added.

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