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Entrepreneur , Popularly known as’She gave birth to her 26-day-old baby for the first time on an entertainment show called ‘Al Sexto Thea’.

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“I’m going to introduce you The love of my life, Princess Kyle (…) I love her with all my heart, it’s a pleasure, an excessive amount of joySouth Africa with the aforementioned Panamericana television location said.

Minor, the product of his love for his current partner, Milacros avila, Got the eyes of his father, who was accused of betraying his ex-wife, folk music singer ‘Flo de Huaras’.

TheGringo CarlHer daughter said it was the best thing that had ever happened in her life. Let us remember that in earlier times it was confirmed that it was one of his dreams, as well as for biological reasons he could not fulfill it next to ‘Flor de Horaras’.

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“My little princess is so beautiful, she’s a little upset. Grandma bothered her so much. Now my princess is hungry. I love her with all my heart, Under control.

The foreigner cried after saying some gentle words to his little daughter, and when asked the reason for her tears, she replied: “It simply came to our notice then. Excessive amount of pleasure. This is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. “.

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Flor de Huaras first Magali Medina: “She is accustomed to humiliation”

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