The lights did not light up

Party Farewell from the left leg, the storyteller of a four-month-old coma, families with broken appetite, bulimia, catastrophic ATV accident and bone cancer: new series Red bracelets DVA has all the ingredients to immerse us in dysthymia type depression. Long, painful and constant.

But no. Contrary to all expectations the episodes of the Quebec adaptation of the Catalan TV series Red bracelets Shine a strong light on our winter, which promises to be as severe and painful as 2021. This grace surrounds the heart Red bracelets Stimulates the sweetness ofHelp Beatrice, A criterion for comfort TV.

Childhood diseases, although a very serious matter, Red bracelets Expands on a project that warms the heart and tells stories of friendship, courage and hope. In fact, it promises the future. This is one of the beautiful surprises of the TV season.

The young actors at the center of the story, here I am thinking of Nova Parker, Anthony Therian and Leon Desilets, exploded on screen.

In the second episode you watch next week, the scene where young hockey player Justin (Nova Parker) finds his body after being dismembered will make you cry, for sure. It is played with precision and truth. Hat.

Definitely sad. But not a monotonous and heavily supported tragedy. There is something deeply touching about seeing these sick teenagers helping each other and finding the right words to comfort themselves. No, it’s not cheese or cheese. It touches.

This Spanish form seems to have been tested and refined in many countries, including France and the United States (Red Band Society From the Fox Channel). The production of the first episode you saw on Tuesday night on TVA was incredibly efficient. This is a master class in the art of pilot writing.

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At Lanne Dysilets Red bracelets

Soon, the viewer descends into this song series, which will never mix us up. Although we do not know the pathology of each patient at Rive Hospital, a type of CHU Saint-Justin des Laurentides, we understand that it is serious and we immediately associate with them.

The relationship between Justin (Nova Parker) and his roommate Felix (Anthony Terrian), who suffers from the same bone cancer, leads to some beautiful moments. With a devastating smile, the optimist acts as a mentor to Felix Justin, who is still reeling from a tumor that has shattered his hopes of playing junior hockey. A love triangle emerges between them and Flavie (Audrey Roger), who does not talk much about her health. We guess she’s suffering from an eating disorder.

Red bracelets Frankly he talks not only about the disease, but about all the so-called ordinary youth: heart problems, liberation and fame.

I really liked the character of Kim (Léanne Désilets, alias Dorice Boulerice). Six degrees), The arrogant young man communicates with his hospital comrades. Kim forms the impossible and adorable bond with Kevin (tienne Galloy), the daughter of a TV star (Frédérick De Grandpré) who suffered multiple fractures in a four-wheeler accident.

Sebastien Dolorm, who plays Justin’s father, will be in the series next Tuesday. He does not accept his son’s position of hiding from his colleagues.

In the second episode you will have a better understanding of Louin (Milia Carpel-Gavro)’s past, where his two fathers (Victor Andres Drells Durjan and Eric Ballhaus) appear.

The story of the band of red bracelets Little Albert (Malik), who is unconscious even after jumping to a 10 meter tower. His mother (Isabelle Place) visits him every day. Even the most secretive side of the show – there is an encounter in the afterlife in the next episode – passes the test. Yan England did an excellent job behind the camera.

Strong market shares

Probably only in Quebec do people celebrate the New Year in front of their TV. Estimates of the December 31 broadcast on Radio-Canada prove it again. On the other hand, alone Infoman It broke its audience record, rising from 3,038,000 viewers in 2020 to 3,047,000 this year. The Pi Pi 2021 3,773,000 views, which is lower than the previous record (3,814,000). Live from New Year’s Day, Affected by Helix’s failure, not much affected by listening to 1,993,000 entertainers or 5,000 less than 2020.

RatingsSee you next year, 1,710,000 views, slightly decreased. It was 1,843,000 a year ago. There are no recurrences of 1 in these figuresThere is January.

As Pi Pi 2021, With a market share of 90%. That is, 90% of the French-speaking Cubes who watched TV from 11pm to 12:15 pm were tuned in to Radio-Canada. This is huge. The curfew order should not have harmed these big trade show meetings (in a bubble, of course).

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