Jeremy Demay's Imitation in Bye Bye 2023: A Parody of Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, Mübles R.D. in a popular year-end review.

Their spokesperson, comedian Jeremy Demay, and their television commercials were attacked for their comments. bye bye 2023; However, Meubles RD saw it as an honor to follow Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais in the famous year-end review.

We can say that Quebec company Meubles RD has a good sense of humor. “We had a nice surprise yesterday bye bye, our ad with our spokesperson Jérémy Demay was parodied. Big wow on the performance of Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais. A good start to the year with a lot of humor,” he wrote on his Facebook page, which received more than 7,000 likes and a few hundred positive comments.

“Your reaction amazes me as much as the quality of this painting; It's all in your honor,” wrote internet user Alain Pelletier. To which the company responded: “Long live self-respect!”

“Yesterday was one of the funniest jokes for me,” said Yvonne Duchesneau. His comment got 64 likes.

“We don't live in a store!”

Baptized RDGUEU Furniture, the sketch took on the concept of a real-life television commercial, using an empty set to sell furniture. The comedian and spokesperson explains that if the furniture there is cheaper than other places, unlike other businesses there is no decoration to charge the customer.

The now famous line is “We don't live in a store!” A towering Pierre-Yves is repeated a dozen times by Roy-Desmarais, who, in addition to being hilarious, looks like the real Jeremy Demay.

“When marketing hits the nail on the head, that's how it is,” noted Carl DuBois.

Meubles RD confirmed that the comedian had a “good laugh” when a netizen asked Jeremy what he thought of it.

Jeremy Demme has yet to publicly react to this amazing hue on his social networks.

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