Piast Glijevic was tired of draws.  Impressive acceleration after the break

Match PAP / Zbigniew Meisner / BKO Extraklassa: Piast Gliwice – Stal Milik

Sebastian Szczytkowski

Good finish for Piast Gliwiec in the fall round of the PKO Ekstraklasa. Aleksandar Vukovic’s side entered the second half full of energy and their sights clear. You achieved a 3-0 win over Stal Milik.

At the end of the last round at the PKO Ekstraklasa in 2023, Piast Glijevic and Stal Milik faced each other. Before the kick-off whistle, the two teams were neck-and-neck in the bottom half of the table. Staal had more points than Aleksandar Vukovic’s players. But after 90 minutes of direct clashes, the situation was reversed.

Piast has been undefeated in a PKO Ekstraklasa since September 23. The series of the team from the province of Silesia has been going on for almost three months and will continue for much longer. The problem for Gliwice’s team is that they have 12 draws behind them, which is why they did not reach the top of the league in the autumn round.

Stal is more clinical and has already managed to cause upsets in away games this season. Kamil Kiereś players took full points from Legia Warszawa and Pogoń Szczecin. In the previous match, Stal met with Krakow and tied with them 2: 2. It was the fourth match this season away from Milic in which Kiris players scored points. However, they did not improve their balance on Monday.

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At the beginning of Monday’s match, viewers witnessed a festival of inaccurate plays. Piast had the ball longer, but there was no real threat to Mateusz Kochalski’s goal. In turn, Stahl at least had a shot in the 15th minute. Krzysztof Wołkowicz hit the crossbar after Piotr Wlazła’s throw-in.

We waited until the 32nd minute to shoot on goal. In it, a soft pass into Staal’s penalty area went to Michael Ameyaw, who had plenty of time to try the ball into the net. I failed to do so. Mateusz Kochalski’s attempt to take another corner kick was blocked. A beautiful intervention from the goalkeeper saved the visitors.

The aforementioned attacks that ended with shots from Krzysztof Wołkowicz and Michael Ameyaw are basically all there is to remember after the first half of the match. It certainly couldn’t satisfy even the league’s top experts. The players in charge of the defense performed well, although the other thing is that they did not have to pass serious tests.

After the break there were no more goals. Piast led 1-0 after two substitutions made by Aleksandar Vukovic during the break. In the 51st minute, Damian Kadzior took a free kick inside the penalty area, and a short fumble ended with Thomas Hock’s shot behind the goal line. Mateusz Kochalski failed to block the precise shot. Along the way, Ariel Musur picked up the ball and received the assist.

Piast did not give the ball back to the opponents after taking the lead in the 63rd minute, brave play allowing them to add a goal to make the score 2-0. This time, Jorge Felix was happy with his victory over Mateusz Kochalski. He was in a good position to follow up Michael Ameyaw’s shot. The home team’s situation seemed comfortable, especially since Staal did not offer anything in the second half.

Piast took away the opponent’s last hope of scoring a point with a 3-0 shot in the 73rd minute. Damian Kudzior took the free kick, and Mateusz Kochalski was beaten by a shot that bounced off Piotr and still hit the wall. The hosts scored points for the opponent, and their acceleration in the second half led to them claiming all the points.

Piast Gliwice – Stal Milik 3:0 (0:0)
1:0 – Thomas Hauck 51′
2:0 – Jorge Felix (63′)
3:0 – Damian Kadzior (73′)


Piast: Karol Szymański – Arkadiusz Pyrka, Ariel Mosór, Tomas Huk, Jakub Holubek – Michał Chrapek (77′ Tihomir Kostadinov), Grzegorz Tomasiewicz – Damian Kądzior, Miłosz Szczepań (46′ Patryk Dzicaw. – Piotr Urbański (46′ Jorge V. lex)

stood up: Mateusz Kochalski – Piotr Vlaszlo, Mateusz Matras, Leandro (58′ Kamil Pajnowski) – Lukasz Gerstenstein (57′ Mateusz Stepien), Michal Trubka (72′ Kuki Hinokio), Matthew Guimer, Christian Gettinger – Maciej Domanjski, Krzysztof Volkovic (57′ K ). Anna Merilotto) – Ilya Szkorin (80′ Lukasz Wolsztynski)

Yellow cards: Hoke, Šarabek (Piast), Gettinger, Guimir, Bagnowski, Stepien (Stahl)

Judge: Sebastian Krasny (Krakow)

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