The team captain is a lot about my dad.  “It was cliched for me and my wife.”
  • – I have nothing to do with invitations – says Mateusz Ponetka. His younger brother Marcel said in an interview with TVP that he learned from coach Igor Milic that he was not in the team before the EuroBasket, because Matthews did not want to.
  • We have known about the Pontic brothers’ struggle for a long time, and now Matthews has taken up the matter for the first time. – I was silent about it for a long time and did not talk about Marcel. She asserts that people adore martyrs, and no one knows the truth that must be told now
  • The captain of the crew believed that the quarrel in the family was started by his parents, who gave their son an ultimatum: either them or his girlfriend. Then he decided to stay with his sweetheart, who is now his wife. He enumerates that his father is in conflict not only with him, but also with his father-in-law, mother and sister
  • “I warned Marcel that the family would do anything to isolate me because I didn’t do what they wanted.” Unfortunately, Marcel chose a different path. However, when he needed my help, including financial, I never refused him – says Matthews
  • According to Mateusz Ponetka, Marcel and his wife insulted him several times, and the players’ parents did the same. He reveals that he had no contact with his 16-year-old younger brother, Casper, because his parents messed up all the trials.
  • Mateusz Ponetka claims that now, after meeting Marcel with TVP, he cannot imagine playing with his brother in one squad. He adds that he does not know if he will join the team as scheduled on August 11
  • More such texts can be found on the Onet homepage

JAKUB WOJCZYŃSKI: Why didn’t you come to Warsaw for the Polish national team’s training camp before the European Basketball Championships in September?

Mateusz Ponetka: For two reasons. I spoke to the club in Izmir, where I live on a daily basis. Everything happened here instantly. We thought we would come to an agreement and I would be able to undergo medical exams, sign a contract and join the staff in Istanbul. The second reason is the remedies bought here to treat minor injuries and prepare me for the whole season. That’s why we decided with the coach and staff manager that I will prepare myself individually and travel to Istanbul.

The basketball team starts sparring matches. First stop: Turkey

She was supposed to join the team in Istanbul on Thursday, August 11th. Do you expect your presence?

It’s questionable at this point. I don’t know if I will come because some matches are played behind my back. I have nothing to do with the invitations. I am happy to share with you the news I exchanged with coach Igor Milic a few weeks ago. They are proof that I am beyond that.

Maybe it has to do with your brother Marcel who is not in the frame. In an interview with TVP, he said that he learned from coach Milicic that it was you who did not want to attend. This is correct?

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