January 30, 2023


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Duchess Kate treated the Letzy King like air.  He cannot deny that.  The cameras captured everything

Duchess Kate treated the Letzy King like air. He cannot deny that. The cameras captured everything

in 2019 Ksina Kate I Prince William They participated in the celebration of the Order of Rabat. Then the cameras captured a moment Kate might want to forget. Prince William’s wife’s behavior is back MovieWho “revived” on TikTok.

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Duchess Kate treats Queen Letizia like air

Through the Order of Rabat Queen Elizabeth The decoration was awarded to King Philip VI of Spain and King William Alexander of the Netherlands. During the ceremony, the kings were accompanied by their wives: Queen Letizia of Spain and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands.

Princess Kate She first attended mass, then drove to the place from where she was to watch the procession. The cameras were recorded as the Duchess got out of the car greeting several people and completely ignoring her Queen Letizia. The behavior of Prince William’s wife has not escaped the attention of netizens who said that the representative of the British royal family treated the Spanish queen like air and showed her disrespect.

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What does the royal protocol say in such a case? Well, Princess Kate and Queen Letizia had the chance to meet a few minutes ago at Windsor Castle. According to the rules, a courtesy bow should be made, but only at the first meeting with the king. This means that Prince William’s wife did not have to be discreet when she arrived, although she may have done so out of courtesy.

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