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It is said that we will be driving flying cars in the future. However, all indications are that it will start with the motorcycle. The Japanese company ALI Technologies presented its new invention. The Xturismo Limited Edition Hoverbike is able to travel at a speed of 100 km / h, but only for 40 minutes. With such low efficiency, it will definitely not be widely used. You will sooner serve as a tool and a curiosity. This is also the plan for creators who will only send 200 copies to customers in 2022.

The ALI Technologies project has the support of the automobile giant Mitsubishi and the famous football player Keisuke Honda, who in his career represented, among others, AC Milan. The company began working on its invention in 2017. The Xturismo is a single-seater vehicle that resembles a motorcycle with large ventilation fans attached to it. One of the inventors, Daisuke Katano, realizes that the device will not be allowed to travel on busy Japanese streets. However, he hopes his invention will be used by rescue teams to get into hard-to-reach places.

Before it was given a chance for widespread use, the Hoverbike would only be used on private trails or in remote areas. It is a pity, because taking into account the condition of some Polish roads, it will be useful in our country. However, its price is quite amazing, with a single copy costing about 680 thousand dollars.

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