Pfizer has suspended research into its weight-loss drug.  Undesirable side effects in patients

Pfizer has suspended work on its experimental weight-loss pill. The drug was taken twice daily and produced effects and a number of side effects, including nausea and diarrhea. Despite the failure, the company does not want to give up work in the pharmaceutical market sector, which is worth tens of billions of dollars. He concluded that it was necessary to reduce the frequency of doses of the drug tested.

Pfizer conducted research on Experimental slimming pills. Obese patients take it twice a day, as recommended. It turned out that the drug worked and that people lost weight, but it began to appear in most people A number of unwanted diseases.

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626 people participated in the second phase of the study. They mainly complained Digestive system problems. Most of them suffered from nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. The company said most complaints were mild Does not pose a threat to patient safety.

As reported by, the pharmaceutical company made the announcement on Friday Stop taking danoglibron. The drug will not enter the third phase of testing at the present time, but the company intends to test its effects when the frequency of administration is reduced to once a day. It plans to publish a report on the results next year.

Pfizer loses in the stock market. Patients complained of side effects

After announcing the results of the second stage. Pfizer’s stock price fell five percent in one day.

The slimming drug market is worth it 90 billion dollars. Pfizer had hoped to become one of the major players in it, but experts are pessimistic about the company’s potential when it comes to this sector.

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in June The company rejected other weight loss pills, which was administered once daily. Unfortunately, the drug did not work, and elevations in liver enzymes were recorded in patients using it. Friday’s data moved the company further away from achieving its intended goal of dominating the market by producing effective and safe weight-loss products.

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