Seal the ban on Sunday trading.  The ladybug made a decision

seal rules It removes from the law the loophole that allowed stores to open on Sundays, as long as they offer postal service (Pedronka was one of the discounters who used this option). As of February, according to the amendment, in order for a given point to be considered a post office, it must generate at least 40 percent. Revenue from postal activities.

Big batch before February

“Biedronka intends to press the maximum of the Sunday Trade Restriction Act leaked out before the amendment to this law takes effect. The discount chain has decided to increase the number of stores open on all Sundays in January – both commercial and non-commercial” – Trade News Service reports Trade News .pl. There are five Sundays in January 2022, including one trading day by law (January 30).

To date, about 1,000 pedronics for more than 3 thousand. Portuguese chain stores. This figure will rise in January (it is not yet known how much, since the discount did not answer journalists’ questions).

The site confirms that the information on the increase in the number of open stores Pedronka was confirmed by four sources. “He also saw copies of emails received by district and store managers, regarding January shifts. The letters reached employees from different regions of Poland, from smaller and larger cities, indicating that the scale of the operation would be remarkable” – we read.

However, this is not the end: “Pedronki, which has not yet delivered parcels to customers, will also open in January 2022. This means that more stores will be granted post office status at any time, which will allow them to trade legally on days subject to restrictions “.

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