No emotions at the stations.  We know average fuel prices

Drivers wanting to buy 95 unleaded petrol On Wednesday, September 28, 2022, they should prepare on average 6.29 PLN per liter. This means an increase of 0.07 PLN over the previous week. On the other hand, it rose a little lower, i.e. 6 molts Gasoline 98 cost now 7.14 PLN per liter.

We know the fuel prices for next week. Interesting predictions

Every Friday, the analysts of the portal report the forecast for fuel prices for the next week. There will be no amazing changes. After, after…

The situation is more stable with diesel This week’s average value 7.16 PLN, While last Wednesday it was 7.14 PLN per liter. The difference is small, but enough to give up last hopes of breaking the psychological barrier of PLN 7 for the time being.

The gas also increased gently LPG & hairsp; – & hairsp; 3.09 PLN / liter Instead of the current 3.07 PLN / liter. It is worth noting that this fuel was characterized by the lowest price fluctuations for several weeks.

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