Allegro and Amazon with a new competitor.  A giant from Asia enters Poland and will provide free delivery

Shopee will soon appear on the Polish market – Discover the portal The company has been in contact with Polish sellers who will fill the site with products for a long time. The domain has already been purchased. It is scheduled to enter the European market this fall.

Sellers will be able to register before the end of September. After-sales service personnel for Polish-speaking customers are also being recruited.

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Shopping in 100 seconds? Plecharsky: Many companies want to extend this period, and we are trying to reduce it

Shopee enters Poland and prepares an attractive starting offer

Wiadomoś informs that Shopee encourages sellers to keep a free account for the first six months. During this time, the platform will not charge a commission either. Sellers are also expected to have access to “all sales management functionality and analytical tools.”

Buyers will also benefit. for 6 months You will be able to take advantage of free shipping, Which, regardless of the cost of the order, will be paid by Shopee, not by the seller. Plus, the latter, if they release at least 30 shows and at least 5 percent. From these offers you will save 10 percent. discount, they will receive a PLN 250 discount coupon, which they will be able to present to customers. This promotion is also set up for a period of six months.

Shopee is giant, but it won’t be easy in the Polish markets

Shopee is one of the largest retailers in the world. This is called a marketplace that makes its platform available to sellers so they don’t have to work on their websites. So far the company operates in Asia and South America.

A year and a half ago, Shopee was on the list of the top 10 e-commerce sites, one place ahead of Allegro’s ranking. Since then, there has been a major reshuffle. Allegro dropped to 18th place and Shopee to 35th place.

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