Peter Michalsky, European Champion!  Poland leads the medal standings

polishing pancakes They have witnessed a rebirth since the start of the season. For this reason, one can expect excellent results before the European Championship. Winter runners do a particularly good job of bringing us the greatest happiness.

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Eisenbechler and W ± secs were excluded. Confusion with P¦ suits in the jump

Pole is the European champion in speed skating

On Sunday, in the 500-meter competition, Pyotr Michalsky won the gold medal. The Poles stopped the hosts who had come in large numbers behind his back. The silver medal was won by Meryn Schipperkamp. Die Die Ntab was third and Kai Verbig fourth. Marek Kania finished in high eighth.

The great Hojnisz-Starêga race! Great photography and promotion up to 34 places

This is the second gold medal for Polish skiing during the event Old Continent Championship. Earlier, the women’s sprint team won the championship. For Michalsky is also another medal in this event, because on Saturday he won the bronze with his teammates.

Thanks to the excellent performance of our skaters, Poland ranks second in the medal standings at the European Championships in Heerenveen. There is only a world power in front of our team – Holland. The hosts already have 10 gold rings and two more competitions remain until the end of the tournament.

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