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Iga Christmas She won the third Grand Slam championship in her career. This time the Polish tennis player won US Openwhere she won 6: 2, 7: 6 in the final against Tunisian Aoun Jaber. earlier birthday He won the French Open twice – in 2020 and 2022. – All the girls are currently behind Iga Świątek, so I expect at least one or two seasons of absolute dominance by Polish women. I expect between eight and 25. If I had to give a specific number, I would risk fifteen Grand Slam titles – British expert George Belshaw said in an interview with Sport.pl.

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Iga Švetik’s mother is proud of her daughter’s performance. ‘Big burst of joy’

Dorota Świątek, Iga’s mother spoke to the gate WP SportoweFakty After winning the US Open final. The woman revealed that she had seen Game Girls with friends. – So I’m less nervous, because anyone can always relieve stress with a joke or a smile. After the match ended, I jumped off a chair, jumped high and grabbed my head. Then I started laughing. It was a great joy. I snooze at 3:30 a.m. to celebrate my daughter’s win, she said.

Iga Świątek’s mother admitted that she felt great joy and pride after the success of the Polish tennis player. It was a great match, worthy of the final. It’s a little “boiling” in the eighth inning in the second set, but Iga survived the moment. It has leveled up from game to game. Demonstrated great adaptability to the surface and difficult weather conditions. You have to commend Thomas Wiktorowski, the class coach. He also did a great job – she added.

Dorota Świątek emphasized an important issue regarding her daughter’s performance on the tour. – Iga is still mentally maturing and please don’t forget that. After all, not so long ago she was a teenager. The distance between Iga and other tennis players is great. I’m glad that in the near future she will be ranked in one of the biggest leagues, it’s a comfortable situation. The feelings after the match have not subsided yet, but when I calm down, I will watch this match again to analyze it – said the mother of the WTA rating leader.

Iga’s mother told Świątek more about the relationships she had with her daughter in May, And more in this text >>

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