Fabian Drezza revealed what went wrong at the Tokyo Olympics.  "Heinen's decision..."

45 years – that’s how long it takes the Polish wait volleyball for the Olympic medal. This year there were indications that this streak could be broken. This was favored by factors such as the excellent atmosphere, the right quality staff and the experienced coach. However, this did not happen – the Polish team again bid farewell to the championship in the quarter-finals.

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Fabian Drzyszha: Let’s respect what Vital did for Polish volleyball

Team legend as coach of Polish volleyball players? The appropriate items have been entered.

Fabian Drzyzga talks about the causes of unsuccessful games

Diagnosis of such a weak position of Polish volleyball players on Olympic Games In Tokyo, he decided to build Fabian Drzyzga. Health for sure. Michał Kubiak is the captain of this team, a very wanted person. Even if he doesn’t play well in attack, he does many other things that are useful to the team. He had a problem in Tokyo, and everyone wondered if he would be cured in time. He said in an interview that it takes energy WP SportoweFakty.

According to the quarterback Polish national team White and red looked much better during the next tournament. – Going back in time, I think maybe some form was missing too. At the European Championships, which we took from the rally, we probably looked better than we did at the Olympics – added Drzyzga.

Fabian Drzyzga on Vital Heynen: This fight destroyed us both physically and mentally

The 31-year-old believes the shape of the Poles in Tokyo may have been influenced by the late announcement of the squad before Vitala Heinina. – I get the impression that this decision, this fight Somehow, some of us were physically and mentally ripped apart. After being nominated for the Olympics, some of us lost some pressure. From my international experience, when we shut down the team faster, everyone could get used to the idea that they were going to a big event and focus more on training then on the target tournament – he ruled.

Certain!  The main candidate for the coach of the Polish volleyball players spoke with OederskyCertain! The main candidate for the coach of the Polish volleyball players spoke with Oedersky

At the end of Vital Heinen’s term Volleyball players of the Polish national team They won bronze medals European Championship. Preferred to replace the Belgian coach as a Polish coach Work crew He is Nicholas Grbich.

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