Pensions in 2022. As of March, ZUS will transfer these amounts to senior citizens.  We know net rates [7.03.2022]

Pensions tied in 2022. Retirees will face an increase in benefits. And it is not one … the benefits will certainly increase, and the upcoming increases will break records. The government announced that the standardization rate will reach 7%. So how much will ZUS transfer to Seniors Pensions starting in March? See examples of net pension rates in the gallery!

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In 2022, retirement benefits will be increased twice. In March, there will be a traditional indicator, and in January, due to the tax reform of the Polish system, pensions will not be deducted Income taxAnd only the health insurance premium. This means that the net amounts of current pensions will increase. The exact calculations are presented in the article below.

Detailed calculations of your pension, please check >>> here << Or in our gallery

As every year, in March, pensions will rise according to the standardization index, which is determined taking into account the inflation of products and services of 20 percent. An increase in the average salary.

  • The government assumes that in 2022 interest will increase by 7%.
  • – The 2022 draft budget includes evaluating pensions at 104.89%,
  • The appraisal is scheduled to take place on March 1, 2022.

Pension calculations for 2022 can be viewed in the gallery. We took into account the assay index of 104.89%. Check how much your pension was when it was indexed today.


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