To date, the port of Gdansk has handled 12 million tons of coal

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To date, the port of Gdansk has handled 12 million tons of coal

The head of the port of Gdansk noted that the berths where ships carrying this raw material dock are of key importance for efficient handling and further distribution of coal.

For hundreds of thousands, we have an ore dock in the northern port. In turn, for smaller units, up to 50 thousand. tons, are Dworzec Drzewny Quay and Rudowe Quay. There, we can handle four vessels at a time, but at least one must have its own unloading facilities. However, this situation will change, because our daughter company PG Eksploatacja expects two more new machines in June and July (Liebherr LHM 550 crane – Ed.), And therefore these handling capabilities on the board will increase even more. He noted that we will be able to offload ships that arrive at our port faster.

He explained that the year 2022 in the port of Gdansk was marked by many major investments. – Basically, we can talk about the road and rail project at the back of the Przemyśl dock. We were also finishing one of our largest investment projects, namely the modernization of the fairway, the expansion of the quays and the improvement of navigation conditions in the inner port, as well as the construction of a new road and rail system – explained Greinke.

Unprecedented quantities of coal

Let us recall that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited the port of Gdańsk at the beginning of December. As he assured, there is enough coal in the Polish ports. – Today I can say, after talking to the (Pomeranian – Dariusz Drelich – ed.) voivode and the Gdansk port chiefs – as they told me – we have a crop failure.. We know that this coal is there – the prime minister reassured. He added that the current problem is space constraints in warehouses where raw materials are stored.

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