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Teachers who have tried to break up Jérémy Plante since the start of the school year in Waterloo have again failed in their attempt to expel this denial student. For the second time, visitors save 25-year-old Lewisian from Elimination, Sunday evening, during an exhibition Star Academy With “pop art” accents.

Posted yesterday at 7:15 p.m.

On stage at the packed Mells studio, Jeremy Blonde wore a look. GreecePicked a catchy song Loose foot By Kenny Logkins Like Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) in an abandoned warehouse in Pomont, Utah, he danced to the ballot. Only the blessings of Ariel, Willard, Rusty and the Reverend Shaw are missing.

Was Jerome’s performance extraordinary? No. But, finally, a TVA educator who does not choose a sad, whining or depressing song.

The public rewarded Jeremy Plante for his effort and perseverance. Notice the large head syndrome. This is what awaits Jeremy.

Throughout the week, the teachers reminded 25-year-old Sandrine Hebert of Cotigouk that he always sang and he had to fix his phonetic problems. Surprisingly, Sandrin was fired after a disrespectful re-reading It’s zeroGreat success by Julie Moss, written by Manuel Tatros, father of Xavier Dolan.

Photo from Star Academy Facebook page

Sandrin Hebert

The faculty defended 27-year-old Marilyn Dorian from Sherbrooke, a more original and creative artist than Sandrine. His explanation I loved you, I love you, I love youWritten by Francis Cabral, it was very beautiful.

Photo from Star Academy Facebook page

Marley Dorian

Surprisingly, the DIY number with the Belgian popstar angel, 26, was not very bright in the evening. He began Forget everything With tight shots in a Citroen car, it was the border of claustrophobia. Academics had difficulty with the Belgian singer’s record. Even the team’s best Audrey-Louise is not the best.

At the end of this 2 hour 05 minute gala, Ingrid Saint-Pierre moves a lot with simplicity and smoothness. Jewelers (With Oliver) and Ropes (With Audrey-Louise and Julian) caused tremors in our living rooms. What a speech in an interview with host Mark Dupree.

A wonderful tribute to Renee Mortal with Paul Doriche, Isabelle Powell, Annie Blanchard and Guilloh Lafont. Again, Audrey-Lewis stood alone I am going to LondonLike Crystal and Edward Love that does not want to die.

Six days after Danny Federer’s firm resignation, the band performed hit songs such as La Sigen. I feel your absence And Calvary (Suitable for Olivier). Boom Desjardins, still vocal, took the opportunity to announce Jean-Marc Cotrey, the champion. Star Academy 2012He joined the Abidip band as a guitarist.

It was a great evening for alumni with the arrival of Annie Blanchard (2005), Jean-Marc Cottour (2012) and Guilloh Lafont (2021).

Many of you are complaining about the clothes worn by academics. Not me. It is better to be bold and avoid excessive classic black dresses. On Sunday evening, we had the idea of ​​reading a comic book with vitamin colors. The composition of the impacts of the 1990s andArchie.

Leo Weather Van

Follow the Shenanigans of Eleanor Lagos on Big Brother Celebrities The thick plot of the series was harder to understand Lovecraft country, Western world Where See men On HBO. Lyson is coming out, no, Stephanie is coming out, no, Eddie is coming out!

Screen capture from a video on NOOVO.CA

Eleanor Lagos

The boss of Disco Week never noticed her rhythm and pushed the wrong notes into the house-studio. Great disappointment. Copying the (suspicious) strategy of comedian Michael Desrochers, Eleanor Did Leo formed an alliance with everything on hand, including the Hello Fresh Burger decorated by Halomi.

Leo has completely lost us in his smoking lies. Just seconds before Sunday night’s exit poll, comedian Eddie King was sent home, who really understood where the ax was going to fall? Cyclist Hugo Barrett did not even speak. Good to say.

Screen capture from a video on NOOVO.CA

Eddie King

A member of the dominant coalition, the quiet Eddie King was killed. Honestly, Eddie did not play as hard as his teammates and only won one challenge in two months. Too low, too late. Aside from the fact that Lyson Richard gave her the musical chair, Tirana Windor would never win, but unlike Eddie he was involved in behind-the-scenes transactions.

Two alliances will compete in the coming days: Mary-Mai, who brings together five women (Claudia, Leo, Stephanie, Tirana and Lyson), as well as a five-member team consisting of Martin, Hugo, Claudia, and Leo. And Stephanie. Hence the importance of the election of the next employer to make a unanimous decision like a real arbitral tribunal.

If Tirana goes into the window homeowner’s room, she will target her rivals Hugo and Martin from day one. If Martin Wachon wins the support of the jury, he will try to remove Tirana or Lyson. Game hardens like a great California wine guys.

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