ZUS sub account.  How much can you get from OFE after death?

As a result of reforms implemented in 2014, some of the funds held in open-ended pension funds (OFE) were transferred to… ZUS subaccount. It turns out that It is possible to inherit the money accumulated there.

But what is a subaccount anyway? A subaccount is part of a pension account that belongs to a person insured with ZUS. Sub-accounts are created in case People born after 1968 the Affiliated with OFE. According to the information available on the Social Insurance Institution’s website, the above-mentioned accounts contain data about: “The amount of funds transferred by OFE, which corresponds to the value of 51.5% of the redeemed settlement units registered in the user’s OFE account, as of January 31, 2014.”.

How to check if you have a subaccount with ZUS? Just use Electronic Services Platform (PUE) ZUS. The information you are looking for can be found in the tab “believer”.

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what is important, Funds accumulated in the subaccount are subject to division In special cases. This is about:

  • divorce,
  • Termination of community property (during marriage),
  • annulment of marriage,
  • Contractual restrictions or exclusion of the legal community,
  • Death of the person for whom the sub-account was maintained.

like Funds accumulated in the subaccount are subject to inheritanceIt is possible to submit an appropriate application allowing it to be paid. However, please remember that you can submit an application Only in the case where the deceased person received his pension for a period not exceeding 3 years. Otherwise it will not be possible to inherit the said funds.

Zeus The heirs are disbursed to the funds accumulated in the sub-accounts of their relatives after considering the previously submitted request. This is available on the PUE ZUS website Request to transfer or withdraw funds from the insured person’s sub-account (Form USS). The application must be accompanied by additional documents, such as an abbreviated copy of the death certificate or inheritance certificate (or court decision on the acquisition of inheritance).

How much money can you get? It turns out that quite a lot. Some may get it Up to 30 thousand zlotys. This is due to the fact that according to information provided by ZUS, there are funds collected in subaccounts On average about 29 thousand each. Zloty (As at the end of June 2022). The amount may vary depending on the specific case.

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