“Paradise Hotel” won.  We went to his place.  This is the price of strawberries – o2

Gastronomy is the dream of many celebrities. Its buildings include, among others: Kuba Wojciudzki, Robert Lewandowski, Piotr Adamczyk and Maciej Musial. Christian Ferretti, winner of the Paradise Hotel award, has joined the group.

Cafe in Mujahideen. He opened Wspólna in Warsaw with his partner Oliwia Czajka. This is not their first work. Ferretti previously ran an online store, after which he and Oliuya opened an aesthetic medicine clinic.

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Ferretti had an approach to opening a restaurant two years ago. Unfortunately, they and their partners had to resign because the owner of their chosen building announced at the last minute his interest in taking a majority stake in their business.

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Fragola, meaning strawberry

Ferretti Fragola is located in the center of Warsaw. Strawberries are here not only as decorations on the walls and on the menu, but also as flower pots and even tea cups.

This is definitely one of the most popular “Insta places” nowadays, Where you only need to enter your phone to take a lot of beautiful pictures.

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Strawberries can be ordered here in a variety of chocolate shapes. Chocolate covered strawberries cost PLN 6. This equates to almost a full kilogram in one season.

However, we quickly realize that it’s not just chocolate covered strawberries, just a little masterpiece. We choose white chocolate and milk chocolate, which contain flecks of fondant and sprinkled with edible glitter.

One of the business ideas for building owners is to create boxes Gift boxes with such strawberries. This is not a new idea, you can often order boxes containing both fruit and, for example, French macarons.

However, the owners of this type of company most of the time do not run it At the same time, fixed premises, mail sales only.

The second staple on the list is cotton candy. It adds to literally everything. Eclairs are served on a cloud made of cotton wool, and spoons or straws for drinks served are also decorated with cotton wool.

There are two items on the menu with this sweet snack at the center -UFO and burrito. The second of these dishes is nothing more than a few scoops of ice cream sprinkled with candy and “wrapped” in cotton candy, similar to the aforementioned burrito.

This dose of sweetness costs 48 PLN. In contrast, UFO is ice cream in a cone-shaped wafer covered in cotton candy that resembles the rings of Saturn.

One strawberry and one house special. Was there a horror receipt?

You can also buy ice cream there. The cost of one serving is PLN 8. This is more than in most places, even in Warsaw. In addition to classic ice cream, the offer also includes vegan and sugar-free drinks. However, no one cared about the weight, and the portion we received after ordering was not the largest.

We decided on a house specialty and added cotton candy to the ice cream. In this way we obtained the aforementioned UFO which was also sprinkled with sugar.

We paid 22 PLN for everything. However, it should be noted that we did not order anything to drink.

An espresso costs PLN 8, American coffee costs PLN 12, and tea costs PLN 15. These are restaurant prices. Additionally, there were no croissants that day (the only delicious option on the menu is croissants), as well as cakes and macarons.

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Bottom line: a two-layer dessert in the center of Warsaw for PLN 22? In some pastry shops in the capital, this is how much you have to pay for a piece of cake. However, the price of the ice cream itself seems quite high.

And the competition never sleeps. There are three confectioneries in the area and near the hotel – a café that specializes in eclairs and also has wine on the menu. Eclairs are more expensive than Fragoli, but a portion of ice cream costs PLN 7.

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