Gas and electricity prices will rise in January 2023 by only 15 percent - French Prime Minister

We will limit the increase in gas prices to 15 percent. in January 2023 and 15 percent. For electricity in February, Burnie said, adding that thanks to government support, prices will not rise by 120 percent.

The increase “will result in an average increase in bills of about 25 euros per month for gas-powered households, instead of about 200 euros per month; bills will increase by 20 euros per month for homes running on electricity, instead of 180 euros per month,” said the head of government.

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Born also ensured that 12 million of the poorest households would receive €100 or €200 energy vouchers by the end of the year.

Maintenance of the energy tariff shield announced by the Prime Minister will cost 16 billion euros in 2023. 11 billion euros is the cost of reducing gas price increases and 5 billion euros – electricity. The vouchers, in turn, cost the state budget 1.8 billion euros.

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