December 2, 2022


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Protective ointment for cracked heels with ozonated oil.  It only costs 3.50 PLN!

Protective ointment for cracked heels with ozonated oil. It only costs 3.50 PLN!

If the dry, rough skin on your feet is preventing you from jumping into new sandals, it’s time for an intense overhaul. Here’s an ointment that takes care of your feet like a pro.

It is easy to dry the skin of the feet. This is because it has a lot of sweat glands and a few sebaceous glands: the water loss is not stopped by a protective sebum layer as it is elsewhere in the body. The feet also contain less blood. All this makes their skin easily keratinized, sometimes cracking.

Protective ointment for cracked heels

Dry skin on the feet needs hydration, lubrication and renewal. Ingredients such as urea, natural oils and panthenol help with this. Cracked Heel Protective Ointment contains all of these ingredients. Grease with shea butter, lanolin, almond oil and ozonated olive oil. The last component is truly unique: it also provides antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, and enhances the effects of other active substances.

What can cracked heel protector ointment?

  • nourishes
  • moisturizes
  • Creates an occlusive layer that reduces transcutaneous water loss
  • powerfully rejuvenate
  • Supports the skin’s natural repair processes
  • Reduce roughness
  • cooling down
  • Makes it more flexible
  • enjoy
  • softens
  • It has antibacterial properties

It can be used by diabetics. A sachet of ointment is sufficient for one treatment. Apply it in the evening after showering. You can wrap your feet in tin foil to enhance its effect.

If you like the ointment, you can immediately buy a package of 75 ml or 200 ml:

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