Mysterious Island: Exhibited in Jules Verne’s La Malpai

The co-owners of Bistro-Auberge Chez Truchon opened on September 7 a new restaurant inspired by the world of Jules Verne, L’Île Mystérieure, located next door to a new restaurant dedicated to the famous writer.

The project’s creator, Jacqueline Bouchard, wasn’t content with a simple lounge and tapas bar concept. In fact, he wanted from the beginning to open a small museum dedicated to this adventure novelist in La Malpaille. “We’ve made the restaurant concept profitable,” he admits candidly.

Mr. Bouchard has a long career as a television producer and has always greatly admired the French writer’s work, which has been widely adapted for the small and big screens. “He is the most translated author in the world after Agatha Christie. I consider him an influencer. He wrote novels about creation and hope in the future,” he adds.

The entrepreneur draws a parallel between explorers, the heroes of Jules Verne’s novels, and the inventors of a business, people who face all kinds of difficulties. “We must have faith in the future! », he repeats with a smile.

Jacqueline Bouchard collected artifacts related to Jules Verne and his works for about ten years. The majority are from France, where the author is from. It is a collection of around 200 artefacts which are now on display at the Espace Jules Verne. In a few weeks, an online catalog will be available for more information on each item.

With this new concept, the L’Île Mystérieuse team hopes to offer a different offering in Charlevoix. “There is part of a dream (in this project), but I love this region,” concludes Jacqueline Bouchard.

Posters of Jules Verne’s works adorn the walls of the space dedicated to him.

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