Ladybug has lost her mind.  Such things only on Sunday!  – Q2

He entices Pedrónca with interesting offers. Only on Sunday (August 27) you can get Sliced ​​Sweetweed (2 x 250g or 500g) for 1 zloty.

Of course, there is a catch. In order for this price to appear on the receipt, it is necessary to purchase other products for an amount of at least PLN 199. You must also show your Moja Biedronka Card or Biedronka App.

Daily Limit – 1 Moja Biedronka Card Pack. Products are available while stocks last. The standard terms and conditions for promotions are available on the notice board in the store and on Promotional action cannot be combined with other actions (except actions containing coupons). If the conditions for more than one procedure are met, the procedure most appropriate to the participant is used.

The rest of the article is under the video

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What else is worth paying attention to? The promotion of our pickled cucumber Spiżarnia 870 or 900 g can certainly be tempting, and in this case, the 1+1 free campaign was carried out using the Moja Biedronka card or the Biedronka app.

In this case, the daily limit also applies. Up to 1 jar (maximum 1 free) per Moja Biedronka Card. When purchasing two bottles (as part of a single transaction), a discount of the value of one of them will be applied.

Only on Sunday. Ladybug go crazy!

Only on Sunday you can also supply Beskidzki rapeseed oil. A liter bottle costs PLN 5.69. However, an important condition must be met. It comes to needing to buy two bottles.

Many promotions that were valid from Monday expire on Sunday. Detailed information on this can be found at on the discount website.

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