The record has been broken!  More than 30,000 tons of coal were sold

Thursday was the second – after Tuesday – PGG’s coal online sale day under the new rules. From now on, the raw material is available in the online store twice a week: on Tuesdays and Thursdays, instead of – as before – every day.

The largest local producer ensures that the amount of charcoal available online is not reduced. On the contrary – it will be increased as much as possible. On Thursday, more than 30 thousand. Tons of charcoal sold in less than seven hours.

Yesterday, PGG Store broke another record in sales and completed transactions. Weekly production is completely sold out, PGG spokesperson Tomasz Głogowski PAP reported on Friday.

He added that in the last week, in the two days of sale, more than 13,000 people bought coal. families. Nearly 60,000 clients have been directed to individual clients. Tons of coal, which PGG sold to homes last year within a few months, the spokesman said.

Since the beginning of the year, the PGG online store has served more than 93 thousand people. A total of more than 342 thousand customers. tons of coal.

“Thank you for your trust and patience; at the same time, we apologize for any difficulties that may occur with such a volume of sales. However, we can assure you that PGG sales department is doing everything possible to ensure that the coal in the producers’ prices reach as many as possible Families ”- assures the company.

Currently, the entire daily production of heating coal for homes for sale is directed in three distribution channels: through the PGG online store, directly at the mines and through certified coal warehouses located in different parts of Poland. “We are constantly improving the functionality of the store, implementing new solutions” – reports PGG.

Limiting the company’s internet offering to two afternoons a week – PGG argues – is to improve the sale of coal to individual customers. The largest mining company guarantees that it will constantly sell coal online, and is constantly developing its online sales channel to increase its efficiency by up to 100%. Daily production of coal fuel.

PGG is the largest domestic producer of coal – also heating coal used, inter alia, in by households. From March 11 this year, in addition to bagged pea coal, in the company’s online store, you can also buy bulk coal for heating with its own batch in mines, at a price three times lower than intermediaries. The demand is enormous – greater than the availability of coal. It happens that the website of the online store is not available or it is not possible to buy charcoal at the moment.

Miners’ unions demand regulation of the coal trade. After Thursday’s meeting with PGG’s board of directors, Śląsko-Dąbrowska Solidarność reported that perhaps from August this year the company’s network of coal bunkers will start operating to replace the current formula for sales through authorized sellers. A PGG spokesperson did not comment on these reports.

“The coal sales system by Polska Grupa Górnicza will be completely reconstructed within the next two months” – Śląsko-Dąbrowska “S” reported.

The PGG coal storage network is likely to start operating in August to replace authorized vendors. This is to work in a similar way to franchising. Warehouses operating under the new contracts will have a certain maximum margin that they can collect. Follow this principle is closely supervised by PGG. Dominic Kolors, president of Śląsko-Dąbrowa Górnicza, explained that anyone who sells coal at a higher price or mixes coal with PGG for another and sells it at a higher price, will pay a hefty fine.

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