Paradise Hotel.  Nana broke her promise.  One participant was expelled from the program.  "I don't get it, silly."

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Carolina Pisarek shines in “Pleiades Gala”. Vicky Gabor Goes Makeup Crazy

W Paradise Hotel Another Rajskie Rozdanie was made, eliminating one of the show’s participants. The fight was between Michel and Lukasz. The judge was Nana. Not everyone liked her behavior. Farewell to the resident the hotel It started in a somewhat tense atmosphere.

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Claudia Darsi forgive treason? “Depends on the situation – whether drunk or sober …”

Another participant withdrew from the “Paradise Hotel”. “Error”

During Pandora’s latest box, Nana stated that returning to ukasz would be a “selfie in the cheek” for her. The girl could not forgive the participant that, before the former hand of Paradise, he made a decision to change the spouse and create a relationship with Inga. After a few days, he wanted to return, but the husband with Michai Nana promised herself and her current partner that despite Łukasz’s efforts and requests, she would not enter the same river a second time.

I’m behind you because I gave you my word. I don’t want to be like I give my word and then break it. I don’t want to choose someone who has done such things to me – she said to Michai.

will addYou will add to the “Pleiades Gala” like a mermaid! Looks like he just got out of the water

Participating in the show made a promise, but was hesitant to the end about what decision she would make when they both mishawAnd Luke.

I think my statement to Mike was a little under pressure, I admitted to the camera.

Despite Nana’s obvious doubts, Mike still hopes and trusts her swearSubmitted by updated. In Heaven’s Deal, it was her shoulder that put his hand on it.

Until the day Laono left the hotel, Nana was a girl in danger. In the evening, we swore that whatever happened, Rajskie is ours – and mentioned in the forum.

The ukasz stood beside the other shoulder, hoping for a return and forgiveness. He said in his speech:

There have been changes in our relationship on both sides. She was beautiful and colorful, and so is she not. I think you can start with a clean new sheet of paper. I have this opportunity. I take a lot of risk, but don’t drink champagne without risk.

What decision did the participant make? She broke the promised word and chose Luke. Michai bid farewell to the program.

Today I will follow how I feel and drink champagne with ukasz – she announced.

Mike is surprised and disappointed by Nana’s decision. He frankly said that he trusted someone he shouldn’t have.

I miscalculated. I thought Nana was a trustworthy person. However, it is not. sorry. (…) I don’t understand it, damn it and I wouldn’t understand it, because it’s funny to me – he got stuck in feelings.

Bitterly, he bid farewell to Nana, who decided to apologize to him. Do you think he will forgive her? New pairs were formed during the Paradise deal. Mitosz stayed with Victoria, Matthews approached Vanessa, and Przymyk sought happiness with Inga.

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