Od środy 1 grudnia otwarte zostały szlabany na państwowych płatnych odcinkach A2 i A4. Kierowcy samochodów osobowych mogą płacić za przejazd za pomocą aplikacji e-TOLL lub e-biletu autostradowego. Wyłączony został manualny system poboru opłat.

Beginning Wednesday, December 1, the barriers are open on the A2 and A4 state sections. Passenger car drivers can pay the toll using the e-TOLL app or the electronic motorway ticket. Manual collection system has been excluded.

Change means that Passenger car traffic Motorcycles on the A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Bielany Wrocławskie-Sośnica Without having to stop in front of barriers In the so-called free flow mode.

Drivers pay for the passage of state highways: using an electronic highway ticket, which they can buy in the new e-TOLL PL Bilet app, in e-TOLL system partner apps and in the partners’ fixed distribution network, or using the e-TOLL PL app or devices on The OBU/ZSL board that transmits geolocation data to the e-TOLL system.

The changes concern only two sections of the motorways operated by GDDKiA: A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Bielany Wrocławskie-Sośnica. For the remaining sections of the expressway concessions, i.e. A1, A2 and A4, no changes have been made to the way tolls are paid.

According to the tax department Thanks to the change of the fee collection system and the removal of barriers in places where the fee was previously manually collected, There will be no hindrances, which mainly arise during the holiday season and on weekends.

The motorway e-ticket can be purchased up to 60 days in advance. Its validity period is 48 hours from the declared travel date and time. In the event of a change of plans, the ticket can be returned before the announced departure date.

Two types of highway e-tickets are available: electronic and paper. For both models, a minimum range of data is required to calculate highway tolls (vehicle registration number, start date and time of the highway trip and details of the planned route of travel).

The e-TOLL system has started but there are problems. “I stand and wait for a miracle to happen”

The electronic motorway ticket can be purchased in the new government e-TOLL PL Ticket app and in applications available by entrepreneurs with whom KAS has partnership agreements, or at fixed points at selected PKN Orlen and Lotos stations.

In turn, the charges in the e-TOLL PL app are calculated on the basis of the vehicle’s geolocation data, which is sent to the e-TOLL system. In the event of a transmitter failure, the data in the customer’s account can be announced online. In exceptional circumstances, for example when the vehicle is involved in a salvage operation, the fee may be paid three days after the end of the trip.

Due to the change in the toll collection system from 1 December this year a new traffic organization is in force at Toll Collection Yards (PPO) on the A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław-Sośnica motorways. In PPO Stryków and PPO Żdżary, drivers will use the three lanes to enter and exit on the far right. In PPO Żernica and PPO Karwiany, drivers use the four maximum lanes to enter and exit on the right side.

According to the Ministry of Finance, control devices installed at entry and exit points on highways and in vehicles used to control toll collection are used to verify the correctness of toll payment.

An additional fee of PLN 500 is charged for driving in the state sections A2 and A4 without paying a toll With a repayment period of up to 14 days. If the surcharge is paid within 7 days of delivery of the summons, its amount will be reduced to PLN 400. The surcharge will not be charged if the fee is paid by purchasing an electronic highway ticket within three days from the end of the trip.

The actions of the driver aimed at preventing the correct reading of the car registration plates (covering, decorating, adding additional signs, etc.) are also threatened with a criminal fine.

Big changes for drivers! No roadblocks on state highways

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