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From a kiss in the shower to a "knot process".  Depp and Heard Love Story

From a kiss in the shower to a “knot process”. Depp and Heard Love Story

You can read more about the “contract process” in the texts at Gazeta.pl.

You don’t have to be a fan of Johnny Depp’s Intimate Confessions Amber HeardTo see the latest news from the trial every day, but also a reminder of what happened in previous years. In the wave of popularity of the topic, data are drawn from 2016, when the actress accused her husband of using violence. Then photos of her bruised face appeared on the web (you can read more here: Amber Heard caught lying. It was supposed to hide the bruises). The beginnings of their relationship are often returned, because Depp left Vanessa Paradis for Amber, with whom he was 14 years old. He finally caught up in the courtroom how an affair began, which turned into a curse on the former lovers. But let’s start from the beginning.

She was sweet, playful, beautiful. She had the best of everything. And it lasted a good year or a half. And then, getting to know her, she began to show herself as she is … – Depp said during the trial.

In 2010, Amber Heard appeared at a party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of GLAAD, an organization that – in short – fights discrimination against LGBT+ people in the media. She came with her partner, Tasya Van Rey. Many may have wondered if there was anything in common at the time, and Heard quickly dispelled her doubts. She explained from the scene that she once felt that being a heterosexual was inappropriate and uncomfortable in the media. But she said she doesn’t think that way anymore. “Denial or concealment – it’s actually wrong,” she explained. It is worth noting that informing the world about her relationship with Tasya Van Rey was already filming the scenes with Depp in “Journal with Rum” and was waiting for the entrance. the film to cinemas.

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A love story they can’t escape from

While courtroom versions of events featuring Johnny Depp and Amber Heard tend to vary widely as to where they “click”, they agree. It’s exactly a scene from the movie A Rum Diary in the shower. Then came the first kiss, which “blurred the line between a professional relationship and an intimate relationship.”

I felt the chemistry. I also felt this other thing that transcended my job. And I remembered that Johnny felt it too in the courtroom.

She added that she visited him in the trailer after she played the scene. There was tension between them. Then Dib pointed to their kiss and said, “Yum.”

I guess there was just something real about a kiss in the shower. This moment… I felt something I should have felt, even though it was just a spectacle. Johnny admitted that she had a wife after that, and I had Vanessa.

Although they felt drawn to each other, they were also aware that it would rather be a report from the category of those who are quickly forgotten. Unfortunately, they had the opportunity to meet again during the tour to promote the film. Then Amber Depp visited the room and there was another kiss – intimate, private, without any cameras. After the tour ended, both of them parted with their partners.

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Together but still hidden

In early 2014, the paparazzi spotted them on a date in Los Angeles. But they didn’t want to see them together, so he entered the tavern through the back door, she was waiting inside. However, the informants reported that they were cuddling, and Depp put his arm around Heard. It appears that they were already engaged at the time, but Amber gave up wearing the ring.

At the time, no one thought that Johnny would be so infatuated (and blinded many) that he would wake up to formalize the relationship. Before that, he’d avoid it like fire (“I’ve never needed a piece of paper”) even though he’s been with Vanessa for 14 years. The decision to really change his mind after meeting 22-year-old Heard was linked to his “midlife crisis”. It was envisaged that it would be a short affair, since it is with him only for the publicity that she will secure the acting roles. One of the couple’s friends had a different opinion at the time:

They couldn’t be happier. They wanted to share it with everyone. Amber gets along well with Johnny’s kids and even takes Lily shopping. People magazine reported that they went out on their own to have relationships.

But at the end of the year, news of a crisis appeared. Perhaps not directly, but a People source has suggested that Depp and Heard’s wedding will be later rather than earlier. a reason? It was meant to be Amber, who didn’t want to rush out because she “wasn’t ready to settle down” and “had other non-union relationships as well.”

At the moment, they are in no hurry to get married. Depp’s friend said that Johnny is madly in love with Amber, but the relationship is currently stagnant.

And here the informants were clearly mistaken, because the couple got married two months later. Photographs from Little Hall’s Pond Cay in the Bahamas showed the scenery was heavenly—a beach, a green terrace, and a group of loved ones. What could you have asked for more?

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In 2016, Heard filed for divorce from Depp

However, it soon begins to deteriorate between them. Amber testified in court that the same year they married (“soon after”), Depp was caught exchanging text messages with another woman. At that time there were many aggressive situations that the judges and the world listened to for six weeks during the “trial contract”. When the media reported in May 2016 that Amber Heard had filed for divorce papers after 15 months of marriage, little was known. The statement said it was a matter of “irreconcilable differences”. And this could mean the most benign scenario, that is, simply the personal differences that made her unable to communicate with her husband on ordinary issues.

However, a few days later, Amber explained the reasons when she accused her ex-lover of mental and physical abuse, as well as alcohol and drug addiction. Despite disturbing reports about the backstage of their relationship (bruises on Amber’s face, a finger wound on Johnny), the couple eventually reached a divorce settlement, which resulted in Amber receiving $7 million from Johnny. As it turned out, the star decided to donate all this amount to the foundation. You can read about the fact that she has not yet done so here: Where are the millions, Amber Heard? The charity has not received the amount promised yet

Then it could be over forever. The lawyers of the parties had to work extensively to find a satisfactory solution, culminating in the signing and issuance of divorce papers. common Formulas:

Our relationship was passionate and intense, sometimes choppy, but it was always surrounded by love. Neither side lied nor made false accusations for financial gain. Neither of us intended to cause physical or emotional harm.


The statement appears to end the story of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship. The actor, dubbed mugjack by The Sun, refused to allow the media to clearly identify him as an assailant, and filed a lawsuit against the newspaper. At the same time, he drew attention to himself. Ultimately, the loser came out of this engagement and in November 2020, the press, television, and portals learned that they could, without fear of a potential lawsuit, To connect him violent. Depp didn’t help himself at all, because former reporters They had to Think twice if they could define it this way.

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There is a defamation lawsuit currently pending by Johnny Depp, also filed by Heard. It has to do with her column in the Washington Post (2018) where she wrote that she was a victim of partner violence – and everyone knows it was Depp. Every few days there are new reports from the courtroom (more on that here: Depp and Heard’s strongest trial moments. Excrement, murder fantasies, jealousy scenes. this is the beginning). And although most countries of the world have already passed a verdict, because the media circulated the slogan “Justice for Johnny Depp”, we are still waiting for it.