Shame!  Theft from a restaurant recently visited by actor “Misick” Kottersky

Today (April 26, 2023), the restaurant that hosted the actors of the famous comedy “Wąsik” a few days ago, including Michał Koterski, published a post on its Facebook profile reporting the theft of the Krecik mascot.

The post reads: “Commander Krycek has disappeared again! Ahoy! This is Mama Krycek 🥹 Unfortunately, I am again asking you to help reach one of our guests On Friday, April 21st, Little Commander Krycek was wrapped in a jacket by one of the guests and taken to a party Friday, unfortunately not to this day he has returned. I ask you to deliver Krecik safely to the Czech Republic. I await her return by Friday April 28th before I deliver the image of the celebrant and his companions to the appropriate services which will help me determine the fate of the young captain and find him quickly. Our crew, overwhelmed with grief, Waiting for him in the Czech Republic with hope. Share the post if you can worried mole mom 😔”.


The mascot, who is the symbol of the restaurant, disappeared a few days after the stars of the show visited. There is currently no information on who is behind the theft. The restaurant where the incident occurred has informed the police, who are investigating to find the culprit and recover the mascot.

The theft of the mascot caused a sensation among the restaurant staff and on social media. Many users express their dissatisfaction and sympathy with the owners of the premises, demanding the return of the amulet.

The visit of “Wąsik” theater actors in the restaurant attracted the attention of fans who could meet their favorites in an unusual scene. Unfortunately, those memories were now overshadowed by the unfortunate incident of stealing the amulet.

Faced with this incident, Krecik’s mother, on behalf of the restaurant, pleads with the culprit to deliver Krecik safely to the Czech Republic and asks for help in solving the case. At the same time, he encourages fans and customers to share information about the heist to increase the chances of finding Krecik and punishing those responsible.

Keen on the fate of the amulet, Krecik’s mother gave the culprit until Friday, April 28, to return Krecik, before his image and companions could be turned over to the appropriate services that would help determine the fate of the young leader and find him. him quickly.

Meanwhile, the restaurant staff sinks into grief, waiting with hope for the return of the amulet that has become an important item in the place where the “Wąsik” actors resided. I hope this story has a happy ending and Kreczyk can take his place in the Czech Republic.

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