One name, two English groups – liberation

English team (1969-1976)

Having the privilege of seniority does not guarantee success. As evidenced by this venerable British blues-rock trio in the Cream or Free tradition that started in Bolton, near Manchester. The death of Ian Bolton Smith in 1976 marked the end of a group formation led by a formidable guitarist. Contradiction: In 2006, drummer-vocalist Paul O’Neill had to ask the manager of heavy metallers Iron Maiden for permission to release an album using the same name. The good prince accepted on the condition that they change their surname to The Bolton Iron Maiden to avoid confusion. Nice.

English Team (1975 to present)

Inseparable from its icon, the undead Yeti who appears on almost all covers, the “Iron Maiden” (a name taken from an ancient instrument of torture) is the training figure of the new wave of British heavy metal. Still active (latest album Senjutsu 2021), the Brits, led by singer Bruce Dickinson, bassist Steve Harris and guitarist Dave Murray, were falsely accused of Satanism and came of age towards progressive rock-leaning heavy metal. Better to stick to the 80s trilogy than the more recent entries Assassins / Numbers of the Beast / Piece of Mind.

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