A successful debut for WWE Raw in Quebec

The WWE Television Circus heads to Quebec City to present Monday Night Raw, its flagship show of the past 30 years. Judging by the atmosphere created by over 11,000 enthusiastic fans at the Videotron Center, this great first won’t be the last.

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The world’s largest wrestling promotion has made a few stops in Quebec City in the past, but never for a television production this large.

Even before the doors were opened, thousands of devotees lined up outside. A lineup of 24 53-foot production trucks testified to the show’s international stature, as did the top performers.

It was only necessary to watch the indefatigable audience cheer for the loved ones of Quebec Sammy Zayn and Kevin Owens, who joined his partner after weeks on the sidelines with a rib injury, to quickly realize that the evening was going to be special.

Also, the reigning team champs and proud representatives of Belle Province quickly warmed up the place when Owens team assured their Judgment Day foes “In the evening, we’ll make you ….. a volley” in French from home!

A great end to the evening

For those watching the results, know that the Quebecers, joined by Cody Rhodes, one of the leaders of the company, kept their promise after spectacular scenes that ended in the incomparable “Stunner” popularized at the time by “Stone Gold”. Covered by Steve Austin and Owens.

Sami Zayn entered the Videotron Center Arena with the Quebec flag over his shoulder.

“Sorry to people around the world who don’t understand French, but here the red is for Canada and the blue is for Quebec,” Zayn concluded, pointing to the belt. are disabled.

“I heard it was the first time TV came to Quebec, but it won’t be the last,” Zayn said, much to Zayn’s delight, before Owens paid tribute to his family and “this host . . . redhead.”

A simple magical moment between the two locals and the audience who happily drank the rosary recited by Owens was won early!

Kevin Owens entertained the audience in Quebec.

Tons of charm

There were of course the Quebecers who ignited the happy crowd, but there were also many other big names of the time.

After 437 days with the belt around his waist, Intercontinental Champion Gunther’s raw power was about to break the legendary Hanky ​​Donk Man’s longevity record. He may lose to Chad Cable, but the title won’t change after the 10 count from the arena. Old people know this…

There was the awful arrogance of eternal “bad boy” The Miz. Matt Riddle and his hilarious enthusiasm make for an unlikely pairing with the great Drew McIntyre. There was also the indefatigable Canadian Trish Stratus, who didn’t look her 47 years and, in her new sleazy role, told the public of Quebec “We don’t care. Gali…”.

A lively evening between wrestlers, wrestlers and the public, it’s a buzz of little action from this incomparable sports arena that we never tire of.

Timely return

Being a wrestling fan myself two or three eons ago, I don’t know what to think when it shows up on tonight’s card. My verdict: Sting will be back soon!

During my childhood, Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan hosted my wrestling nights. The Giant is no more, and the Hulkster is closer to Walker than fame, but their legacy lives on. Then Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Steve Austin and The Rock got me. Since then, it has been vacant.

During Raw at the Videotron Center, the athletic prowess, impossible acrobatics and expertly executed choreography quickly restored my deep childish heart of wonder. It was like the good old days, but all those quirks have now been multiplied to the power of 1000 by extraordinary athletes.

Are you laughing at wrestling being “fake”? Of course, everything is arranged by the boy of views, but the show is not all the less real and powerful.

Of course, through the exciting stories that follow, a few bad scenes lurk. Of course, TV and commercial breaks impose some downtime in this three-hour mega-production.

But in the end, the Quebec crowd devoured the plan with a voracious appetite.

When will WWE return to Quebec for a big production? The ball is in the band’s court with rich Vince McMahon, but if it turns around, so will the public. I admit it shamelessly, too.

Fights (brave with winners)

In the front diagram

Ricochet vs. Riddick Moss

Natalya (Kalagari) vs. Nikki Cross


Matt Riddle & Drew McIntyre c. New day

Sat cable c. Gunther (Intercontinental) – Countdown

Candice LeRae c. Rhea Ripley

Akira Tozawa vs The Miss

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance vs Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Cody Rhodes c. Damian Priest, Finn Balor and Dominic Mysterio (Doomsday)

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