On Instagram, Maciej Musiał appeared with a beautiful blonde.  Shocked fans!

Maciej Musiał He started appearing in soap operas as a child. He appeared in “Plebania”, and his roles in “Father Mateusz” and “Rodzince.pl” earned him great fame. The actor also showed off his skills on the big screen and played the role of Jean Milly in “My Pole”. He also appeared in two episodes of the Polish-American series.the magicianAnd in the series “Klangor”.

The media is also interested in the private life of the 26-year-old. She had to be in contact with Agnieszka Więdłocha. Olga Potawa, but the star of “Rodzinki.pl” never mentioned the circulating rumors and did not praise her for romantic relationships.

On Instagram, Maciej Musiał appeared in the photo with a beautiful blonde. He has a relationship of his own, and fans can’t believe who she is!

It turns out that the mysterious woman was my mom An actor who is also an actress.

The actor’s mother eloquently signed the publication:

A lot of comments immediately appeared at the bottom of the post, and observers noted that the star’s mother looks like his sister or girlfriend.

Anna Markiewicz-Musiał is also an actress, and with her ex-husband she founded Amateur Theatre. She is not only a mother, but also a massage manager.

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