Omicron is not very deadly, but ... "To think that this is the end of the pandemic is naive"

In an interview with the newspaper “Welt am Sonntag”, Lauterbach expressed his expectation that the introduction of a commitment to universal vaccination would achieve remarkable results in the fight against the epidemic.

You have to accept that even compulsory (vaccinations) will never reach all people. However, I am convinced that there is a large group of unvaccinated people who can be immunized by introducing this commitment

said the politician.

The head of the Ministry of Health expressed his hope that “thanks to compulsory vaccinations, we are relatively well protected as a society” and stressed that he supports such a solution. “We must not remain in a situation where the summer is deceptively good, but be surprised by the new variants in the fall, and without vaccinating the vast majority of the population, because then everything will start over.” – pointed out.

Let’s imagine for a moment that Omicron is more lethal. Then we would be in danger

– The Minister of Health said in a respected interview that “They are not ruled out in the future, as no one can guarantee that a much more dangerous variant will not emerge very soon.”

Source:, PAP

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