The Large Hadron Collider has recorded a rare event

Importantly, observations by both ATLAS and CMS exceed the 5σ statistical confidence level at which detection is possible. In the case of ATLAS, this level was 6.1 degrees, and in the case of CMS – 5.5 degrees.

The up quark is the most massive particle in the Standard Model, which means it is most closely related to the Higgs boson. This makes quarks the best particle for studying physics outside the Standard Model.

Most often, t quarks are observed in pairs with their corresponding antiquark. Sometimes they arise on their own. According to the Standard Model, four up quarks, or two pairs consisting of a quark and an antiquark, can be created at one time. However, the probability of such an event occurring is 70 thousand. times smaller than the probability of forming a quark-antiquark pair. So capturing four t quarks is very difficult.

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